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What are crypto exchanges and how do they work? And which are the best recommended? Immediately the ranking of the best safe and reliable voted by


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Exchanges are online platforms that allow you to buy or sell all the main cryptocurrencies present in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, especially in FIAT currency (current currency). On the same it is also possible to buy a cryptocurrency in terms of another – for example buying a portion of Ethereum with a portion of bitcoin, etc; all this depends on the exchange used.

It is therefore essential to use a good, reliable, and safe exchange to buy and sell the desired cryptocurrencies.

Best Recommended Cryptocurrency Exchanges Are [RANKING]:

  1. Coinbase ( visit the Coinbase website here );
  2. Bitpanda ( visit the site here );
  3. ( get 25usd for free );
  4. Binance ( go to Binance by clicking here );
  5. Kraken ( click here for the official website );
  6. Spectrocoin ( here for the Spectrocoin site ).

Cryptocurrency Exchange – Introduction topic:

❓ What are they for :Real trading of crypto tokens + Other services (ex: staking, earn, etc )
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⛔ Are there any scams? :Yes – Use only the recommended ones
💸 How much do they cost :Price Spreads / Withdrawal Fees (0.15 / 0.3% avg.)
💷 How much you need :You can start with small budgets (ex: € 100, € 500)
🥇 Top 3 Today :Coinbase Binance / Bitpanda
👍 Opinions :⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Introduction to cryptocurrency exchanges – what they are, how they work, and which ones are best to choose

Crypto exchange: Guide to choosing the best [2023]

As anticipated in the appendix, exchanges, therefore, allow you to buy (and even sell, ed ) cryptocurrencies and in most cases, they also offer the possibility of storing them through their online crypto-wallets. These are platforms with high liquidity and typically charge an average of 0.25% commissions on trades. In this guide, we see to deepen important information such as:

  • How to buy cryptocurrencies on Exchanges;
  • Migliori Exchange di criptovalute (Crypto.comCoinbaseBitpandaBinanceSpectrocoinKraken);
  • Miscellaneous on exchanges, commissions, earnings and security;
  • How Exchanges Earn;
  • Exchange, fees applied;
  • Exchange security;
  • Final opinions and reviews.

We will also deepen also useful tips on how to choose the best exchanges for the purchase of cryptocurrencies and the average commissions applied by the solutions most requested by customers today such as, Coinbase, Binance, Poloniex, Bitpanda, Bitstamp, Kraken, Bittrex, Spectrocoin, and many others.

How to exchange crypto?

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile digital assets traded all over the world, including through the use of derivative financial instruments such as contracts for difference. They are exchanged in special peer-to-peer type platforms for the exchange of digital currencies such as Kraken, Bitcoin, or Ethereum in exchange for Euro and Dollar.

Efficient exchange services are essential to prevent scams, fraud and phishing attempts, and transactions in unsafe spaces. Unfortunately, there are many scams on the web that also involve cryptocurrencies; this is why sites like have the aim of disseminating information so that readers can have the correct instructions to proceed with their purpose.

Best Crypto Exchanges
What are crypto exchanges and how do they work, our exclusive guide

There are hundreds of exchanges all over the world so, especially for a beginner, it is really difficult to choose the most suitable and safe one. The purpose of this guide is in fact precisely this: to provide valid advice for choosing the best exchanges to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Among the most quoted and recommended by the team? Without a doubt the exchange Crypto.comCoinbase, and the leading brand Kraken.

Coinbase ( here for the site) and Kraken (go here for its site) today represent two of the largest companies in the world of cryptocurrency investments and, not surprisingly, it is the exchange that records the largest trading volume in the world. is an exchange born in 2018 that, from the first part of 2021, has embarked on the start of a climb to success, starting very successful partnerships such as, among others, the one with Lega Serie A. You can get 25 USD free to buy crypto on by opening an account here.

Below is the summary table with all the major cryptocurrency exchanges tested and reviewed by our team.

coinbasewww.coinbase.comCoinbase reviewOPEN AN ACCOUNT reviewOPEN AN ACCOUNT
bitpandawww.bitpanda.comBitpanda ReviewOPEN AN ACCOUNT
binancewww.binance.comBinance reviewOPEN AN ACCOUNT
krakenwww.kraken.comKraken reviewOPEN AN ACCOUNT
spectrocoinspectrocoin.comSpectrocoin ReviewOPEN AN ACCOUNT

Crypto exchange how it works

We can define exchanges as digital markets where you can exchange cryptocurrencies in FIAT currency – legally recognized (Dollar and Euro are the main currencies traded with crypto) or with other cryptocurrencies (in this case Bitcoin is the main exchange reference).

They are therefore intermediaries to carry out the trading operations on the desired cryptocurrencies – here we mention only those with the most honest applied commissions. To date, the cryptocurrency sector is booming as well as the presence of fraud in the sector by Exchange platforms that open and close in a short time.

Choosing a reliable and secure platform is, therefore, a priority and to do this you need to document yourself appropriately. Exchanges must have a stable project behind them, important capital, and parent company partners who are known and active in the field.

Best Safe and Reliable Crypto Exchanges: Voted by

What are the best cryptocurrency exchanges? Considering 3 of the main aspects such as the greater offer of cryptocurrencies, low commissions, and strong attention to the security profile, here is a list of the best and the most famous ones on which you can find specific guides such as:

  • COINBASE is an American platform that ensures excellent service. Some rather strict personal identification protocols have to be respected, but exchanges happen with great security and speed – go here to find out more ;
  • CRYPTO.COM: one of the best brand exchanges of 2021, with a flood of exclusive services related to the sale, custody and income of cryptocurrencies – by requesting a free account at this address you will receive 25usd in the form of bonuses to buy your first cryptocurrencies;
  • BITBANDA is the most used exchange by Europeans allows you to buy and exchange Bitcoin and Ethereum. The authentication processes are very strict – click here for the site ;
  • KRAKEN. From a cryptocurrency wallet to a classic bank transfer, this cryptocurrency exchange platform is famous above all for the best payment methods accepted ( visit the official Kraken website at this address );
  • BINANCE is the most popular exchange in the world that allows you to trade more than 500+ cryptocurrencies. Its fame derives precisely from the fact that through this platform all the main tokens are easily accessible – for the official website click on this link ;
  • SPECTROCOIN is a service that is rapidly gaining ground due to its versatility in adapting to the needs of those who also need a secure wallet ( for the official Spectrocoin website click here ).


Coinbase ( here for its official preview site ) is undoubtedly an Exchange with a capital E. It gained sudden popularity as people tested the service on mobile after launching the mobile app for iOS and Android. Coinbase is an American service, and as such it has quite strict rules in terms of identification.

coinbase exchange

It is necessary to send a lot of personal data including an identity document photographed front and back. The fees are quite low, and in addition to being an excellent exchange it also offers a functional online wallet service.

Full Guide: Coinbase Review ( here to get a free 25 USD bonus ) is a popular exchange, official sponsor of the Serie A-League since 2021, and the protagonist of many other prestigious and hugely successful partnerships. owes its popularity to the large number of services related to the sale, management & custody, income, and mining pool of cryptocurrencies.

The exchange offers hundreds of cryptocurrencies available for trading, a series of exclusive services, and a high-stakes CRO (the token). also has a specific DeFi app, zero commissions, and very competitive crypto-trading spreads. According to, – although still relatively young [it was born in 2018] is today one of the main exchanges to entrust one’s crypto-experiences.

Full Guide: Review


BitPanda ( visit the preview site by clicking here ) is an integrated platform, which offers an excellent free wallet service in addition to the exchange. The platform is liquid and functional for buying and selling both Bitcoin and Ethereum, of which it always has very updated quotes.


The flexibility regarding accepted payment methods is undoubtedly appreciable: not only Mastercard, Visa and bank transfer but also most of the most famous electronic payment systems.

The only flaw is that for the registration and use of the portal it is necessary to undergo rather strict verification processes, which concern both personal information and the automatic checks of the connection that is established with the site.

Full Guide: BitPanda Review


Binance ( go here for the official website ) was born in 2017, but one year after its foundation it was already among the 5 most used cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.


To date, it has become the best-known service in the world, both for the decidedly wide offer of altcoins ( over 500+ ) and for the charisma of its founder, Changpeng Zhao, universally recognized as one of the brightest minds in the industry. Binance allows you to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum with traditional currency, after which you can use these two cryptocurrencies to exchange them with all the others on the platform.

With a commission of just 0.2% on every cryptocurrency trade, it is also one of the most affordable services in terms of trading costs.

Full Guide: Binance Review


Kraken has now become an excellent exchange, so much so that recommends it to its readers ( discover the official website here ).


It allows the exchange of many currency pairs and the best crypto of the moment. The strong point is on the commissions applied to operate which can reach a maximum value of 0.26%. Particular attention also to the security profile with a specific account verification and the possibility of making deposits and withdrawals on the online account through a classic bank transfer or by creating a cryptocurrency wallet.

Limits are also applied to the daily withdrawal and protection of user data with the management of the same in offline mode.

Full Guide: Kraken Review

Exchange Spectrocoin

Spectrocoin ( you can immediately discover the official website here ) allows you to safely exchange numerous cryptocurrencies, even completely emerging ones.

spectrocoin exchange

Although some of the most famous are missing, some merits cannot be denied to this service. First of all that of being very functional, both if it is used exclusively as an exchange and by combining the service with the wallet.

Spectrocoin guarantees great anonymity and, not surprisingly, also offers its own prepaid card outside the Visa and Mastercard circuit that can arrive where cryptocurrencies cannot be used.

Full Guide: Spectrocoin Review

Crypto Exchange: Best “second picks”

On we not only review the most popular exchanges, but also the so-called ” secondary ” ones and in any case worthy of attention. Below is the complete list with the logo, description, and links to the guides.

Exchange Bibox

Bibox ( you can visit his website here ) is one of the latest exchanges to appear on the European market but… it has recovered well!


With a very simple registration and verification procedure, with many currencies to exchange, very low commissions, an interesting ref marketing program, and many advantages for old and new customers, it is certainly one of the operators that you should not underestimate.

Full Guide: Bibox Review

Exchange Poloniex

poloniex exchange

It is one of the largest exchanges in the United States and specialized above all on the exchange of Bitcoins. It does not require you to verify your account to operate online but has limits on maximum withdrawals. Strengths also on commission costs among the lowest present to date and in principle no higher than 0.25%.

The operations to finance the account, on the other hand, can be implemented through the use of a cryptocurrency wallet, while still preserving the low commission costs.

Complete Guide: Poloniex Review

Exchange Bitstamp

It is one of the most quoted platforms for the exchange of the best cryptocurrencies in Europe and with the highest volumes in surplus.

bitstamp exhange

Its strengths include immediate online execution and acceptance of the main payment methods to fund an account including credit cards. Attention, also to data security, is mainly processed in an off-line manner.

Full Guide: BitStamp Review

Exchange Bittrex

It is among the best and largest cryptocurrency exchanges and with a very wide offer for the trading of many different currency pairs and on the best crypto of the moment.

bittrex exchange

Its main strength is in the very low commissions and generally set at a level of 0.20% without considering a greater or lesser volume of purchases made. The Bittrex Exchange also requires the verification of the identity of the new user with the sending of personal documents and a high level of data protection thanks to a very detailed authentication process that provides for the conservation of the digital assets of this Exchange in offline mode.

Furthermore, the deposit and withdrawal operations on the account to operate online concern a personal Wallet with direct access only when transactions are carried out by users. On the Bittrex Exchange it is also possible to opt for trading operations with altcoins, maintaining anonymity on the operations performed, but with a limit on the number of them that can be selected on the platform.

Full Guide: Bittrex Review

Exchange The Rock Trading

The platform for the exchange on the main cryptocurrencies and in particular on Bitcoin against the Euro. Furthermore, they were among the first to introduce the possibility of trading on the Zcash.

the rock trading
The Rock trading

The Rock Trading Exchange presents an easy procedure for registering an account online and accepts the most important payment methods to fund an account.

Strengths also on the very low commissions to exchange digital currencies on the platform and an accurate faq section with the main information on how to create a new account, make deposits and withdrawals, and switch to online crypto trading operations.

Complete Guide: The Rock Trading Review

Exchange BitMEX

BitMEX scores numbers that speak for themselves. From mid-2017 onwards, an average of $ 50 billion in value is exchanged and converted into cryptocurrencies on this exchange every month.


This service is particularly recommended for those who want to sell Bitcoins and thus convert them into Fiat currency, especially US dollars. Because? Because the liquidity that BitMEX boasts in the Bitcoin / Dollar cross is 150% higher than the second-ranked platform.

Full Guide: BitMEX Review

How to choose a cryptocurrency exchange: Main factors of choice

As already specified in the appendix to this guide, in order to buy cryptocurrencies through the Exchanges it is important to inquire about the best solutions currently on the market and to do this it is necessary to consider some factors of choice.

In particular, for us there are 5 main requirements to be taken into absolute consideration when choosing the ideal exchange to invest in cryptocurrencies; they are:

  • Commissions. It is the strong point of cryptocurrency exchanges since it is very low costs to be able to buy the best ones. The Binance Exchange (click here to visit it immediately) , for example, specializes in Bitcoin operations and with commissions on average no higher than 0.1% – by far the lowest in the industry. Furthermore, if you use binance coin, you have an additional 25% discount on commissions;
  • Payment methods accepted. Prefer solutions that offer more choices on payment methods to fund accounts. In this regard, there are classic solutions such as bank transfer alternating with more specific and recommended solutions such as the Bitpanda Exchange to operate on a personal wallet and with direct access only in the case of transactions carried out online by the users themselves;
  • Trading volume traded. It may seem trivial but believe me, for many it is not at all. The volume of trades that took place over the last 24h and in the last 30 days on a given exchange taken into consideration is a truly important market sentiment parameter and I, therefore, invite you to pay close attention to this aspect as well;
  • Earn programs and high-income staking: now the aspect linked to the staked income of cryptocurrencies is one of the most sought after characteristics when evaluating the quality of an exchange, thus determining its more or less positive rating – in this regard the best proposals are offered today by, Binance, and Coinbase ;
  • Online security. Cryptocurrencies are increasingly traded and there are now many platforms on which it is possible to do so. The most secure Exchanges are those that guarantee verification of the user’s identity and that process data with advanced security systems and where possible even offline ( Kraken undoubtedly stands out among the best );
  • Online reputation. It is the most important point and has always been used to search for the best and safest online solutions to buy cryptocurrencies. From search engine searches to forums to reading detailed reviews, these are the main ways to learn about the best cryptocurrency exchanges ( Coinbase has an excellent online reputation – certified ).

For obvious reasons, relating to security, legality, transparency as well as in compliance with international anti-money laundering legislation, cryptocurrency exchanges require their customers to send identification, residence, and contract documents (such as telephone numbers and mail) before proceeding with the main operations on their platforms.

This last requirement on legality and transparency is also very important.

Opinions and final considerations

After having tested dozens and dozens of exchanges platforms for a long time, we have decided to review those that you can currently consult in the table shown on these pages. Among the most important exchanges, therefore, we find realities such as CoinbaseBinanceBitpanda, Spectrocoin, Poloniex, and the others included in the table displayed immediately below.


coinbasewww.coinbase.comCoinbase ReviewOPEN AN ACCOUNT ReviewOPEN AN ACCOUNT
bitpandawww.bitpanda.comBitpanda ReviewOPEN AN ACCOUNT
binancewww.binance.comBinance ReviewOPEN AN ACCOUNT
krakenwww.kraken.comKraken ReviewOPEN AN ACCOUNT
spectrocoinspectrocoin.comSpectrocoin ReviewOPEN AN ACCOUNT

And what do you think of these exchanges? Have you tried them to buy your favorite cryptocurrencies? And if so, what is your experience with it? We at love to give a voice to our kind readers about their experiences in the sector.

FAQ – Crypto Exchange: Common Questions and Answers

Cos’è un crypto exchange?

The crypto exchange is an intermediary that allows you to buy, sell, exchange and rent crypto and assets on the blockchain (as well as NFT ). What are the best crypto exchanges today?

The top 3 crypto exchanges today are, and Binance. Do crypto exchanges have a card?

Yes, absolutely. The best crypto exchanges such as or Coinbase provide a card that offers many benefits to those who use it.